A while ago I finished a creative writing degree and decided that I had what it takes to make it as a creative writer. And then a little while ago I realized I had no idea what it takes. Sure, I can write. Maybe even well. But a university undergraduate degree can only teach you so much, so you need to look elsewhere to fill in the cracks left by your creative writing background.

This blog is for current undergraduate students, graduates, graduate students, battle-hardened writers, and anyone with an interest in starting a life as a professional creative writer. It brings you content educating you on the life of a writer–how to talk to editors, how to market and find a home for your work, and how to manage the business aspects (taxes, records, clutter, etc)–and all those things that may have been left out.

Let’s face it. Professors only have so much time and so many resources, and if they’re creative writing professors, I can guarantee you that they would rather be using that time to write, but Filling in the Cracks would rather be writing about everything they just can’t get to, so supplement your education here!

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